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Unique places in kolkata

Top 17 unique places to visit in Kolkata

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Kolkata is a city with a rich cultural heritage and a blend of historical and modern attractions. Here are some unique places to visit in Kolkata: 1. Kumartuli:  Kumartuli is a historic neighborhood in Kolkata, India, renowned for its traditional potters’ quarter. The name “Kumartuli” is derived from the Bengali words “Kumhar,” meaning potter, and […]

offbeat places in india

Off beat places in India you ought to visit

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India is a land of diverse landscapes and cultures, offering a plethora of offbeat destinations that provide unique and authentic experiences. Here are a few offbeat places in India that you ought to consider visiting:   1. Ziro- Arunachal Pradesh Image source- Ziro, nestled in the scenic state of Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast India, […]

Darjeeling tour

Darjeeling Tour Guide

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Darjeeling, often referred to as the “Queen of the Hills,” is a mesmerizing hill station nestled in the Indian state of West Bengal. The word Darjeeling comes from the Tibetan words “Dorje,” means thunderbolt, and “ling,” means place or land. Together, “Darjeeling” translet’s roughly to “The land of the thunderbolt” It’s renowned for its picturesque […]