Month: February 2024

Kolkatas most popular restaurants

Spoon,fork and gossip- Explore 20 most popular restaurants in Kolkata

Banshari Goswami

For those looking to experience the authentic taste of Kolkata, the vibrancy extends to its phenomenal food scene. Offering a delightful mix of Bengali specialties, international flavors, and hidden gems. From the iconic biryanis to delectable seafood curries, the top restaurants in Kolkata offer a culinary journey like no other. A Culinary Journey Through Kolkata: […]


Kebabs, Biryani & Beyond: A Guide to Zakaria Street Food


Zakaria Street, a culinary sanctuary in the center of bustling Kolkata, is a haven for foodies.  This little street becomes a bustling street food haven during Ramadan, especially on this tight lane. The aromas of sumptuous biryanis, sweet desserts, and sizzling kebabs fill the air, and it’s known as Zakaria Street food. With mouthwatering kebabs […]