haunted places in kolkata
Haunted place in Kolkata

Haunted Places in Kolkata: Unveiling the Eerie Mysteries

Dipankar Das 
haunted places in kolkata

The most terrifying legends, spooky riddles, and ghoulish mythology regarding top haunted places in Kolkata will be covered in the following article.

The most spooky locations in Kolkata also bring to life the city’s interesting past. Nearly every lane in this city, which was adored by the Mughals, French, British, and Dutch, has a tale to tell, some of which have a hint of terror. If you’re interested in ghost hunting, you can check out the rumored Warren Hastings ghost, who is said to arrive at Hastings House on a horse, and Lady Metcalfe’s ghost, who can be seen sashaying through the halls of the National Library of India. The boundaries between the living and the dead seem to blur at some of most haunted Places in Kolkata, which we explore in this piece.

Top  haunted places in Kolkata:

1.The Ghostly Guest of National Library: A Literary Haunting

the national library haunted places in kolkata

There is much more to India’s largest library than just books and book lovers. This location is among the scariest in all of haunted places in Kolkata. The fans of ghost stories are equally drawn to this haven for bibliophiles. There has long been a legend that Lady Metcalfe’s ghost roams the building’s halls. Many eyewitness accounts that describe seeing someone merely watching them lend credence to the legend. Add to that the enigma surrounding the underground room, which the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) uncovered in 2010 and is thought to have been a torture chamber used by the British during their dominion over India. It’s also one of Kolkata’s most well-known haunted place .

2.The Legend of Putulbari: Kolkata’s Doll House of Dread

putulbari house of dolls haunted places in kolkata

Putulbari is  most well-known spooky place among Haunted buildings  in North Kolkata. home of Dolls, also known as Putul Bari, is a century-old haunted home in North Kolkata that is almost completely destroyed .Hidden within the bustling heart of North Kolkata, Putulbari, meaning the “House of Dolls,” stands as a relic of bygone times. The mansion’s walls whisper tales of a cursed family, eerie dolls that come alive, and inexplicable shadows. The legend of Putulbari serves as a chilling reminder of the city’s haunted history.

The name shouldn’t be spoken aloud, the locals contend. The oddest type of priests are called aghori, and they consume the leftover meat from burned bodies.

They are so dissimilar from social beings that it can occasionally feel unhealthy for individuals to even be around them. These individuals employ those rites to activate and produce the occult powers within them.

3.South Park Street Cemetery: Where Spirits Rest Uneasily 

south park street samitry

The South Park Street Cemetery in Kolkata is also renowned for a few ghostly stories. South Park Street Cemetery, often referred to as “Park Street Samite,” is one of the spooky places among several other haunted places in Kolkata. Despite the cemetery’s run-down appearance, it has been declared haunted ever since a group of visitors photographed an unidentified white figure. Despite having no prior history with asthma, the traveler from the group who witnessed the apparition experienced an asthma attack right then. According to the tales, the other members of the group also became unwell shortly after visiting the graveyard.

4.Nimtala Ghat 

nimtala ghat

One of Kolkata’s original cremation sites, this ghat is where Hindus burn their dead after they pass away. This became a dangerous place mainly because of the Aghoris’ strange appearance. The Kali Puja night is when Aghoris typically carry out their sceptical ceremonies.

The name shouldn’t be spoken aloud, the locals contend. The oddest type of priests are called Aghoris, and they consume the leftover meat from burned bodies.

They are so dissimilar from social beings that it can occasionally feel unhealthy for individuals to even be around them. These individuals employ those rites to activate and produce the occult powers within them.

5.Paranormal Presences at The Royal Calcutta Turf Club

the royal calcutta turf club haunted places in kolkata

The prestigious Royal Calcutta Turf Club isn’t just about horse racing. It’s also home to stories of jockeys from the past who continue to ride in the afterlife. The thunder of hooves and the sight of spectral figures keep the club’s ghostly legacy alive.

Staff members and bystanders claim that on moonlit Saturday nights, the eerie shadow of this grieving soul can still be seen moving through the rails. The most horrifying scene is created by the night’s perfect color contrast, terrifying the living daylights out of anyone who sees it. Staff refer to “William Saheb ki Sada Ghora” when referring to the odd patches of fog that appear at night.

It is undoubtedly a spooky location under the list of other haunted places in Kolkata, that you should stay away from. If the unsettling scene has you very intrigued, you can spend some time here learning the truth.

6.The Haunting of Writers’ Building: Echoes of the Past 

writers' Building -Haunted places in Kolkata

This historic government structure has witnessed a number of significant historical occurrences. As dusk sets, the grandeur is replaced with a spooky atmosphere. Its hallways are said to be haunted by the ghosts of political figures and independence fighters. Unidentified noises and a palpable energy that seems to evoke the stormy past have been observed by visitors which make this place as a most haunted location among the other haunted places in Kolkata.

7.The Spooky Vibe of Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

spooky vibe of rabindra sarobar metro

The underground may be just as eerie as the aboveground one, as evidenced by Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station. A white-clad ghostly woman is said to frequently appear on the platform or inside the train at the Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station. As they wait for their trains, commuters have reported sensing a dramatic dip in temperature and an unnerving presence. People believe that these incidents are related to the suicides that have occurred nearby and believe that the station is now haunted by the ghosts of those who perished there. Take the next metro stop instead.

Why don’t you spend some time here investigating the truth behind these paranormal occurrences and stories? Make sure that you are not at anyway faint-hearted before doing that.

8.Empty Corridors and Whispering Ghosts: The Mystery of Hastings House

hastings college or bhoot bangla

Another ghost home listed in haunted places in Kolkata is said to be Hastings home, which doubles as the Institute of Education for Women. Under British rule, Warren Hastings resided in this structure as the governor general of India. According to what several students have to say, they have frequently witnessed a white man riding a horse into the campus. They think the spirit of Warren Hastings himself is a man. The majority of people also think that a little boy who died playing football on the field is haunted by the location. After their afternoon lectures, none of the students are brave enough to stay on campus until the evening. They all leave immediately.

9.Lower Circular Road Cemetery 

lower circular road cemetery

Among the several haunted places in Kolkata, Lower Circular Road Cemetery is one of them. Although no longer in use, the Lower Circular Road Cemetery serves as a reminder of times gone by. Here, the ghost of Sir William Hay Mac Naghte, a British civil official, has been seen. One day, his wife discovered his body, which was in bits. He was interred in this cemetery, and his horrible murder had been the news of the town for several days.

The tree over the tomb is reported to tremble every time the tale is recounted, and it is believed that the ghost of this Englishman still wanders the grounds. Guards have frequently reported hearing unsettling noises coming from the cemetery late at night.

Folklore tells the tale of Sir William Hay McNaughton, a civil servant in the British Empire. While fighting in the First Anglo-Afghan War, he was cruelly slain. His wife discovered the body had been torn apart when she traveled to Afghanistan to retrieve his body. She then put the pieces back together. She burried it at the Lower Circular Road Cemetery after arriving back in Kolkata.

If someone recounts this horrible history at his tomb, the locals tell the spooky tale of a trembling tree above the grave.

10.Wipro Office 

wipro office

This is yet another improbable spooky location under the list of other haunted places in Kolkata.

The Wipro Office in Salt Lake is a recently constructed haunted house located in the city of pleasure. Younger folks, rather than older ones, tell the spooky tales of this haunted structure. Although Salt Lake is now a center for IT, it was originally a part of Kolkata’s wetlands.

Rumor has it that this office was constructed over a cemetery. The people who live and work here claim to have seen numerous paranormal occurrences during the dead of night.

11.Kolkata Port 

kolkata port

Locals in Kolkata say that the historic Kolkata Dock, also known as Kidderpur Dock, is a paranormal side among the haunted places in Kolkata.

This Dock was built by Awadh’s Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, an early trader for the East India Company.

For the locals and employees, Kolkata Dock is a very terrifying area. The British allegedly betrayed and abandoned Nawab Wajid Ali Shah during the East India Company’s commercial period.

A wandering shadow has apparently been spotted in this dock area by traders and sailors. The Nawab’s grieving spirit, according to the staff, is represented by the uneven shadow. He is frantically trying to find the British people who abandoned him. They also suggest that the Nawab seeks retribution for betraying the British people.

Sadly, since British rule is no longer in effect, no British can console his anguished soul. The only people affected by these eerie events are dock workers, which eventually makes their blood chill.


12.Several Unreported Haunted places in Kolkata

The city of joy, Kolkata, conceals many sinister secrets and riddles in every one of its walls, alleyways, and passageways. There are many more haunted locations in Kolkata besides the ones mentioned above that are less well known. Among the names is the large haunted building of the GPO, or General Post Office ,The National Museum, Clive House and numerous other historic homes and structures built primarily during the British era are among them.

Locals and by standers Visitors have claimed numerous spooky occurrences at these ancient historical structures. There are no thoroughly researched indications that these stories are true.

Better yet, if you’re interested and off course not the faint of heart, we advise you to visit these locations directly and discover the facts for yourself. You should speak with the local shop owners to learn more about the legends surrounding these allegedly haunted locations in Kolkata. preferably those stores on the sidewalk where the owners simply stay there at night to sleep.


The haunted places in Kolkata serve as a monument to the city’s deep and complex past in a place that thrives on its fusion of modernity and tradition. Whether these stories are the result of overactive imaginations or actual encounters with the paranormal, they raise the mystique of the city’s surroundings. Keep in mind that Kolkata’s nights have secrets that are not for the timid while you explore the busy streets by day. Unsettling Encounters The book Exploring Haunted Places in Kolkata allows you to explore the city’s haunting side, which serves as a reminder that there may be more to life than what first appears.

Frequently asked question

Q1: Are these haunted stories based on real incidents?

A1: Yes, these stories are rooted in local legends and reported experiences, making them a part of Kolkata’s folklore.

Q2: Can visitors explore these haunted places in Kolkata?

A2: Some locations are accessible, while others might be restricted due to their condition or security reasons.

Q3: Have any scientific investigations been conducted at these sites?

A3: While there have been various paranormal investigations, conclusive evidence is still lacking.


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