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Off beat places in India you ought to visit


India is a land of diverse landscapes and cultures, offering a plethora of offbeat destinations that provide unique and authentic experiences. Here are a few offbeat places in India that you ought to consider visiting:


1. Ziro- Arunachal Pradesh

ziro arunachal pradesh

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Ziro, nestled in the scenic state of Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast India, is a captivating destination that falls under the category of offbeat places. This serene town, situated in the Lower Subansiri district, stands out for its distinctive charm and cultural richness.

At the heart of Ziro’s allure is its vibrant cultural tapestry. The Apatani tribe, indigenous to the region, has preserved its unique customs and traditions, offering visitors a rare glimpse into their way of life. From traditional festivals to sustainable agricultural practices, Ziro provides an immersive cultural experience. The Ziro Valley itself is a breathtaking landscape of terraced fields surrounded by rolling hills. This picturesque setting, with its lush greenery and charming villages, creates a serene ambiance that contrasts starkly with bustling urban life.

Adding a contemporary touch to its cultural richness is the Ziro Music Festival. Held against the backdrop of the valley, this annual event attracts music aficionados and artists, showcasing a diverse range of indie, folk, and tribal music. It has become a magnet for those seeking a unique musical experience in an offbeat setting. Ziro’s offbeat charm extends to its natural beauty. The region is adorned with pine-covered hills, expansive meadows, and a pleasant climate. For nature enthusiasts and trekkers, Ziro offers a chance to explore pristine landscapes away from the usual tourist circuits.

2. COLA beach-Goa

cola beach goa

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Cola Beach is a serene and relatively untouched beach located in South Goa, India. Nestled between Agonda Beach and Cabo de Rama Fort, Cola Beach is known for its pristine beauty, golden sands, and crystal-clear lagoon. Cola Beach is a serene and relatively untouched beach and what sets it apart is its unique landscape. The beach is divided into two parts by a freshwater lagoon. The northern side of the beach is where the sea waves crash against the shore, while the southern side features a tranquil lagoon with calm water.

Cola Beach is relatively secluded compared to other popular beaches in Goa, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful and less crowded environment. The absence of commercial establishments adds to the untouched and natural feel of the beach.

The calm and serene atmosphere, coupled with the changing colors of the sky as the sun sets, creates a magical and romantic setting for visitors. For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of busier beaches in Goa, Cola Beach offers a tranquil retreat with its natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere. Keep in mind that its secluded location may mean limited amenities, so visitors should come prepared for a more rustic experience.


3. Henry’s Island- West Bengal

henrys island west bengal


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Henry’s Island is a serene and relatively unexplored destination located in the southern part of West Bengal, India. It is situated in the Bakkhali region of the South 24 Parganas district in West Bengal, near the Sundarbans Delta. It is part of the Sundarbans archipelago and is relatively less crowded compared to some other tourist destinations. The island features pristine beaches with golden sands that stretch along the coastline. The tranquil atmosphere and the sound of the waves make it an ideal destination for relaxation and solitude.

Henry’s Island is part of the larger Sundarban region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest mangrove forests in the world. The island itself boasts rich biodiversity, with a variety of flora and fauna, including different species of birds, crabs, and fish. Henry’s Island is part of the larger Sundarbans region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest mangrove forests in the world.

The island itself boasts rich biodiversity, with a variety of flora and fauna, including different species of birds, crabs, and fish. Given its proximity to the coastal area, Henry’s Island offers opportunities for fishing activities. Local fishermen often engage in traditional methods, and visitors may have the chance to experience the local fishing culture.

Henry’s Island is an ideal off beat place in West Bengal for those looking to explore a less-touristy part of West Bengal, surrounded by nature and tranquility. It’s a haven for bird watchers, nature enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a quiet escape by the sea.


4. Hemis- Jammu & Kashmir

hemis jammu & kashmir

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Nestled in the northern reaches of India, Hemis in Jammu & Kashmir emerges as an offbeat destination, offering a distinctive blend of spirituality, cultural richness, and natural beauty. This hidden gem stands apart from more conventional tourist spots, providing intrepid travelers with a unique and immersive experience.

Hemis is renowned for its monastic heritage, prominently featuring the Hemis Monastery. This ancient Buddhist monastery, dating back to the 17th century, stands as the largest and wealthiest in Ladakh. The tranquil ambiance and spiritual aura make it an offbeat retreat for those seeking solace and a deeper connection with cultural and religious traditions.

Hemis isn’t just a cultural delight; it’s also surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes. The village is set against a backdrop of rugged mountains, offering panoramic views of the Himalayas. For those seeking a tranquil escape amidst nature, Hemis presents an offbeat alternative to more frequented destinations.

Hemis allows travelers to immerse themselves in Ladakhi culture authentically. The warmth of the locals, their traditional lifestyles, and the simplicity of the village create an offbeat atmosphere, providing a stark contrast to more commercialized tourist destinations.

In summary, Hemis in Jammu & Kashmir beckons those seeking an offbeat adventure — a journey that combines spiritual exploration, cultural immersion, and the allure of untamed natural beauty. This offbeat oasis invites travelers to step away from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary charm of a destination that remains unspoiled by mainstream tourism.


5. Cherai Beach- Kerala

cherai beach kerala

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Cherai Beach is a beautiful and pristine beach located in the state of Kerala, India. Known for its golden sands, tranquil waters, and scenic surroundings, Cherai Beach has become a popular destination for tourists seeking a peaceful and picturesque coastal experience. Cherai Beach is situated in the northern part of the Vypin Island, which is one of the numerous islands forming the city of Kochi in Kerala. Its strategic location near the city makes it easily accessible for both locals and tourists. The beach is renowned for its natural beauty, featuring a long shoreline with soft, golden sands. The gentle waves of the Arabian Sea lap against the shore, creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Cherai Beach is unique in that it is situated at the meeting point of the backwaters and the sea. This convergence provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy both the beach and backwater experiences in one location. Cherai Beach is known for occasional dolphin sightings, especially during the early hours of the day. Many tourists take boat rides from Cherai to explore the waters and catch a glimpse of these playful marine creatures. Beach offers a range of water sports activities for adventure enthusiasts. Visitors can engage in activities such as parasailing, water scooters, and speed boating, adding an element of excitement to their beach experience.

Cherai Beach is not just a destination for beach lovers but also appeals to those interested in experiencing Kerala’s diverse culture and natural beauty. The tranquil atmosphere, combined with the vibrant local life, makes Cherai Beach a memorable and enjoyable destination for visitors.

6. Mawsynram- Meghalaya

mawsynram meghalaya

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Nestled in the remote corners of Meghalaya, Mawsynram emerges as the epitome of an offbeat destination, drawing adventurers seeking a break from the ordinary. This charming village, renowned as the wettest place on Earth, offers a truly unique and offbeat experience for those yearning to explore nature’s extremes.

Mawsynram’s claim to fame lies in its extraordinary rainfall, creating a surreal atmosphere that blankets the landscape in lush greenery. The relentless monsoons transform the region into a rainfall wonderland. The consistent rains have bestowed Mawsynram with verdant landscapes that showcase Meghalaya’s natural beauty at its best. Trekking through mist-shrouded hills, discovering hidden waterfalls, and marveling at the intricate living root bridges showcase the region’s offbeat charm, inviting exploration away from more frequented tourist spots.

Mawsynram’s misty hills and ethereal ambiance contribute to a dreamlike setting, inviting visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of mainstream destinations. For those in search of tranquility and solitude, Mawsynram offers a retreat into the mist, where the soothing sound of rain becomes a melody. Beyond its meteorological uniqueness, Mawsynram presents offbeat adventure opportunities. Exploring the intricate cave systems, embarking on treks through the rain-soaked terrain, and engaging in authentic cultural exchanges provide a holistic offbeat experience that goes beyond the weather phenomenon.


7. Muttom Beach-Tamil Nadu

muttom beach

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Muttom Beach is indeed a beautiful and less-explored destination in Tamil Nadu, India. It is situated in the Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu, near the village of Muttom. It is approximately 32 kilometers from Kanyakumari town, the southernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent.

The beach is known for its natural beauty and tranquility. The golden sands, clear blue waters, and the backdrop of green hills create a serene and picturesque setting, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful coastal experience. One of the prominent features near Muttom Beach is the Muttom Point Lighthouse. This lighthouse provides panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and the confluence of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean. The view from the lighthouse is particularly stunning during sunset.

Muttom is a fishing village, and visitors to the beach can witness the traditional fishing activities carried out by the local community. The sight of colorful fishing boats and nets adds to the charm of the coastal experience. Muttom Beach is also known for its religious significance. There is a small shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Ransom, attracting pilgrims and visitors.

Like many coastal areas in Kanyakumari, Muttom Beach offers breathtaking views of the sunset over the Arabian Sea. The changing colors of the sky and the reflection on the water create a mesmerizing spectacle. Muttom Beach, with its natural beauty, cultural elements, and peaceful ambiance, offers a unique coastal experience in the southern part of Tamil Nadu. Visitors can enjoy the scenic landscapes, explore the local culture, and take in the serene atmosphere of this less-explored destination.


8. Patan- Gujarat

patan gujarat

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Tucked away in the vibrant state of Gujarat, Patan stands as a hidden gem, an offbeat destination waiting to be explored by those seeking the road less traveled. This historic city, with its rich cultural tapestry and architectural marvels, offers an offbeat sojourn into the heart of Gujarat’s heritage. Patan boasts a heritage steeped in history, showcasing its former grandeur as the medieval capital of Gujarat. The city’s narrow lanes and ancient structures whisper tales of bygone eras, providing a unique experience for travelers looking to immerse themselves in offbeat history.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rani Ki Vav is a stepwell that epitomizes the architectural brilliance of Patan. This hidden jewel, adorned with intricate carvings and a sense of subterranean grandiosity, stands as a testament to the city’s cultural richness and is a must-visit for those seeking offbeat architectural wonders. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rani Ki Vav is a stepwell that epitomizes the architectural brilliance of Patan. This hidden jewel, adorned with intricate carvings and a sense of subterranean grandiosity, stands as a testament to the city’s cultural richness and is a must-visit for those seeking offbeat architectural wonders.

The tranquility of Patan, with its quieter streets and unhurried pace, provides a peaceful retreat for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of more touristy locales. The offbeat charm of Patan lies in its ability to transport visitors to a bygone era without the distractions of modernity.


9. Naukuchiatal- Uttarakhand

naukuchiatal uttarakhand

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Nestled in the picturesque state of Uttarakhand, Naukuchiatal emerges as a tranquil offbeat destination, captivating travelers with its serene lake, lush landscapes, and an ambiance that stands in stark contrast to more crowded tourist spots. Literally translating to the “Lake of Nine Corners,” Naukuchiatal is adorned with a pristine lake that adds to its offbeat allure. The lake, with its mythological significance and crystal-clear waters, invites visitors to bask in the quietude of nature away from the more popular lakes in the region.

The vicinity of Naukuchiatal offers less-explored trekking trails, leading adventurers through forests and hills that remain untouched by mainstream tourism. The offbeat trails promise a more intimate connection with nature, providing a peaceful escape for those in search of solitude. The region is dotted with small temples, including the Devi temple, adding a touch of spirituality to the offbeat experience. The simplicity and authenticity of these religious sites offer a contrast to the grandeur of more popular pilgrimage destinations.

Naukuchiatal, with its limited commercialization, presents a tranquil retreat for those seeking a peaceful escape. Away from the bustling tourist circuits, the offbeat charm lies in the unhurried pace of life, allowing visitors to unwind and reconnect with nature.In essence, Naukuchiatal in Uttarakhand unveils itself as an offbeat oasis, where the beauty of nature, the tranquility of the lake, and the less-trodden paths converge to create a unique and refreshing destination for those seeking an escape off the beaten track.


10. Nivati Beach-Maharashtra

nivati beach maharashtra

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Nivati Beach is situated in the coastal region of Maharashtra, near the village of Nivati. It is part of the Konkan region, known for its scenic landscapes, coconut groves, and pristine beaches. The beach is characterized by its golden sands and clear blue waters. The clean and unpolluted shoreline adds to the charm of Nivati Beach, making it an attractive destination for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts. The coastal area around Nivati is known for its picturesque landscapes. Coconut palms and casuarina trees line the shores, creating a tropical and relaxing atmosphere. The beach is surrounded by hills, providing a scenic backdrop.

Nearby, there is Nivati Fort, an ancient fortification that adds historical and architectural interest to the region. Visitors can explore the fort and enjoy panoramic views of the Arabian Sea from its vantage points. The area around Nivati Beach is home to fishing villages, and visitors can witness the traditional fishing activities carried out by the local community. The sight of colorful fishing boats and nets is a common scene along the coast.

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