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Escape from the Ordinary: Top Offbeat Weekend Getaways around Kolkata

Kaustov Maji 

Been busy all weekend with work? The constant buzz and crowd of Kolkata can be exciting, but sometimes, all you need is a refreshing escape and fresh air. For Bengalis Darjeeling and Digha are their all-time favourite holiday destinations, but what if we told you there’s a whole world of places for a 2 days weekend trip from Kolkata

This blog is your guide to revealing the magic of offbeat weekend getaways from Kolkata. Far from the crowds with a unique experience. Whether you find peace in the lap of nature, or you like to explore history, or maybe an adventure off the beaten path we’ve got you covered. Dive in and discover the perfect offbeat weekend destination near Kolkata for your next refreshing escape.

Taki: Nearest tourist spot from Kolkata for one day

Taki is a charming riverside town on the border of West Bengal and Bangladesh, perfect for a 1-day weekend getaway from Kolkata within 100 kms. With the river Ichamati flowing by, Taki is a town of history with a unique blend of scenic beauty and a laid-back atmosphere. People looking for a short weekend trip list this place among the best weekend destinations near Kolkata.

How to reach Taki from Kolkata

Taki is about 70 km from Kolkata. You can either travel by road or by train.

By road

If you plan to travel by road, take the Malancha Highway. The driving time will be approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Google map route link:

By Train

If you are planning to travel by train, you can board Hasnabad Local from Sealdah station to reach Taki Road station. From there you can easily avail of local transport and reach Taki within 2 hours from there


Things to do in Taki

If you stay in and around Kolkata, and wish to travel by road start early as there will be less traffic. If you start at 6 am in the morning you will reach Taki by 9 am considering you take minimal halts. Once you reach Taki, you can easily book a hotel or a lodge and then go sightseeing.

  • Puber Bari, which is one of the numerous heritage mansions of Taki. Despite being locked it looks beautiful.

    puber bari taki
    puber bari taki
  • Taki Jora Mandir, these twin temples were made for Lord Shiva in aat chala style and have a wonderful scenic view from the overlooking pond.

    jora mandir taki
    jora mandir taki
  • Mansion of Shankar Roy Chowdhury, ex-chief of the Indian Army. Known locally as Roychowdhury Durga Dalan, the mansion contains a rich history of Zamindari and Durga puja celebrations in West Bengal
  • “Bisorjon” movie spot
  • Golpata forest. A vast mangrove forest consisting of Golpata trees with an elevated canopy walk is a sight to see. Taki being a border area is under the surveillance of the Border Security Force ( BSF) and it is a must to carry a government Identity card to enter Golpata Forest.
    golpata forest taki
    golpata forest taki
    There are two walkaways, one leading deeper into the forest and another to the bank of the Ichamati River. If you are lucky you can spot birds such as Jungle Blabber or a Black hooded Oriole. You can also spot the Bengal Fox sometimes.
  • The Ichamati River which is an international border between India and Bangladesh is Taki’s prime attraction. You can opt for a boat ride and enjoy the scenery.
    ichamati river taki
    Ichamati River -Taki

    There are numerous watch towers from where you can enjoy the grand view of the river. The river becomes a centre of attraction during the Idol immersion of Durga Puja where boats from both countries gather and immerse Durga idols in the international water space.

  • Taki Durga Dalan, another mansion which is only open during the Durga puja.

    durga dalan taki
    durga dalan taki
  • Taki Eco park which is actually a resort but open to visitors for an entry fee. You can enjoy boating and look at birds and coloured fishes and can have lunch over here too


taki tourist spots map
 Google map location of Famous tourist spots in Taki

Fares and charges

Golpata Forest Entry fee ₹ 10 per head, motor van ride ₹ 20 per head and car park ₹ 50 per head. Visitors need to deposit valid identity proof at the BSF check post
Taki Eco Park Entry fee ₹ 15
Boat ride at Ichchamati River ₹ 1500 for an hour
Toto Charges Toto charges ₹ 350 for a tour of Taki. People who are staying at a hotel can do sightseeing in toto, with the toto driver doubling up as the guide

Mousuni Island: Affordable offbeat places near Kolkata for weekend

Planning for a short trip near Kolkata for 2 days? Mousuni Island is a refreshing alternative to the typical weekend outing near Kolkata. Leave the crowds behind and embrace the offbeat charm of this hidden paradise. This hidden gem,  on the Bay of Bengal,  has untouched beaches, charming fishing villages, and breathtaking scenic beauty. So, pack your bags to create new memories on your next offbeat weekend destination from Kolkata.

How to reach Mousuni Island from Kolkata

Mousuni Islands is approximately 120 km from Kolkata. You can travel either by road or by train or bus.

By Road

A 4:30 hour ride, people staying in Kolkata take the Baruipur Amtala road to Namkhana Bridge, after crossing head to Patibunia Ghat to take a boat and finally a toto to reach your destination.

Google Maps route link:

By Train

Board a local train from Sealdah to Namkhana. Then taka a toto ride to Bagdanga kheya ghat. Cross the river and take a shared toto ride to Mousuni.

Google Maps route link:

By Bus

You can board a Volvo bus from Esplanade to Namkhana then to Bagdanga Ghat, after crossing the Chinai River take a shared toto to reach your camp.

Google Maps route link:


Things to do in Mousuni Islands

  • Virgin Beaches: The key attraction of Mousuni Island is its clean and virgin beaches. Unlike most beaches, Mousuni offers a tranquil beach experience. You can take a walk on the golden sands, soak up the sun, and listen to the waves. Take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters or build sandcastles and relive your childhood.

    mousuni island
    mousuni island
  • Boat Rides through the Delta:  Mousuni is a heavenly place for birdwatchers. Take a boat ride through the deltas of the Bay of Bengal and be witness to the diverse flora, fauna and colourful birds.
  • Kakramarir Char – A Birdwatcher’s Paradise: Nature lovers should visit Kakramarir Char, popular for migratory birds. You can see many feathered friends in their natural habitat, including egrets, herons, and kingfishers.
  • Camp Under the Stars: For a truly unique experience, consider camping on the beach. Imagine gazing at a star-studded sky after a day spent exploring the island. Many resorts offer camping facilities, providing a rustic and unforgettable way to experience Mousuni Island.

    camping in mousuni island
    camping in mousuni island

Fares and charges

Train ticket from Seladah to Namkhana

₹ 50 per head for a round trip

Bus ticket cost  from Kolkata to Namkhana

₹100 per head (one side)

Toto charges

Usually, ₹25 to 30 per ride when you cross the rivers

Boat ride

₹10 per head

Accommodation (Mud house)

₹1500 to ₹1700 per night depending on season

Accommodation (Bamboo house)

₹1500 approx. per night


₹900 to 1200 per night

**Accommodation package includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. For barbeque, you need to pay separately.


Jhargram: An offbeat weekend destination from Kolkata under 200kms

Looking for a weekend getaway near Kolkata? Jhargram is one of the most promising weekend destinations around Kolkata.  Situated in Midnapore, Jhargram is a place of a unique blend of tribal heritage, historical sites, and breathtaking natural beauty, all within a manageable distance from the city thus making it to the list of top places near Kolkata for a 2 day trip.

How to reach Jhargram from Kolkata

Jhargram is almost 180 km from Kolkata and can be travelled by both road and train.

By Train

You can get a reserved seat to Jhargram from Howrah, the most popular ones being Steel Express or Ispat Express

By road

From Kolkata you need to take the NH6 highway in the right direction, it will be approx. 4 hours journey

Google map route link:


Things to do in Jhargram

  • Kanak Durga Temple: A lush greenery, the Kanak Durga Temple is a must-visit on your weekend outing to Jhargram. This ancient temple of Durga has a rich history dating back to the 16th century. Explore the temple complex and admire the architectural masterpiece.

    kanak durga temple jhargram
    kanak durga temple jhargram
  • Jungle Mahal Zoological Park: If you like a thrilling adventure this will be a paradise. Trek through the dense foliage, spot diverse flora and fauna and witness the captivating beauty of the surrounding hills. You can also opt for a wildlife safari to enjoy the rich biodiversity.
jungle mahal zoological park jhargram
jungle mahal zoological park jhargram
  • Eco-tourism centre and tribal museum: Jhargram is known for its rich tribal culture and the eco-tourism centre is a perfect place to immerse in the tribal heritage. It offers a glimpse into the traditional way of life of the indigenous communities. Witness their artistic expressions like Patachitra (scroll paintings) and captivating Chau dance performances. Interact with the locals, learn about their customs and traditions, and purchase unique souvenirs handcrafted by skilled artisans.
  • Khandarani Dam:  The next stop should be the Khandarani Dam, surrounded by landscape hills you can enjoy a scenic boat ride  in the lap of nature
  • Jhargram Rajbari: The trip is incomplete without visiting the famous Jhargram Rajbari, the palace of the Malla kings who ruled the region for centuries. Built in the 17th century, the palace has a blend of architectural styles with ornate courtyards, diving deep into the rich history of the Malla dynasty.
jhargram rajbari
jhargram rajbari

Fares and charges

Train ticket from Howrah to Jhargram

₹ 100 per head (chair car), ₹300 for AC


₹700 onwards, you can book a resort or a homestay where meals will be included in the tariff package

Ajodhya Hills- Purulia: Your next off beat weekend destinations near Kolkata

Purulia is one of the few unexplored places near Kolkata for a 2 day trip. If you love adventure and thrill and are stuck in your monotonous life, look no further. Purulia offers a perfect escape for weekend destinations near Kolkata within 300 kms promising you an experience never before.

How to reach Ajodhya Hills from Kolkata

By Train

Board the Purulia Express or Lalmati Express from Howrah to reach Purulia junction, approx 1.5 km from the main town.

By Road

A nearly 290 Km drive from Kolkata, you can take the expressway.

Google map route link:

Things to do in Ajodhya Hills

  • Turga Falls, a 5 km ride from Ajodhya hills is one of the preferred visits in Purulia.

    turga falls purulia
    turga falls ajodhya hills
  • Bamni Falls, which is about 13 km from Ajodhya Hills is another cascade which is famous for its scenic beauty
  • Usul Dungri Village is another place popularly known as Sunset View. Surrounded by Saal Trees you can immerse in the diverse flora and fauna, the forest is packed with elephants, hyenas and peacocks. The road to Usul Dungri leads to the Sunset viewpoint which is about 25 km from Ajodhya Hills.
  • Matha Hills, a 22km ride from Ajodhya Hills is a delight for Trek lovers. Usually trekking is done in the winter due to less heat. You can also visit the local tribal village, dive deep into their culture and come to know the rich heritage.

    matha hills purulia
    Matha Hills-Purulia
  • Khairabera Dam, situated at the foot of Ajodhya Hills is this huge reservoir. It was mostly built to supply irrigation water to the local villages. In the evenings you can hear the sound of the tribal locals playing sweet music and drums.

    khairabera dam
    khairabera dam ajodhya hills


travel spots in ajodhya hills purulia
Google map locations of  famous tourist spots in Ajodhya Hills


Fares and charges

Train ticket from Howrah to Purulia Junction ₹ 150 per head to 300 (sleeper coach)
Toto charges from Purulia Junction to Main town ₹20 per head
Bus charge from town to Ajodhya Hills ₹33 per head
Accommodation Loge rent starts from ₹600 per night  excluding meals, you can book a resort for under ₹2000 per night which will include meal packages
Car hire for sightseeing ₹3000, price is negotiable


Shankarpur: Perfect weekend getaways from Kolkata for couples

Shankarpur, a captivating travel destination near Kolkata unlike Digha and Mandarmani is a virgin coastline in the Bay of Bengal. Its shores, fishing villages and natural beauty are key to an ideal offbeat weekend outing near Kolkata.

How to reach Shankarpur from Kolkata

By Road

A total of 200 km and a 4-hour ride, people staying in Kolkata can take the Second Hooghly Bridge to the Kona Expressway and make their way to Digha Road.

Detailed Google map route Link:

By Train

You can board Howrah Digha Express, but only on Sunday. Get off at Digha and you can find a local bus or a cab to Shankarpur

By Bus

There are direct buses from Esplanade, Kolkata to Shankarpur

Things to do In Shankarpur

  • Beaches have been a favourite weekend getaway destination in West Bengal. Shankarpur, with its virgin coastline, is a lovely place for a short trip near Kolkata for 2 days

    shankarpur beach
    shankarpur beach
  • Located approximately 14 km from Digha, Shankarpur offers you a romantic climate and a virgin beach town to explore
  • The favourite thing of tourists to do here is to take a walk on the beaches
  • The evenings are dramatic with waves touching your feet as the temperature drops during the dusk.
  • Get to connect with the local fishermen and watch them fishing and returning home during the sunset
  • However, if you are staying for  the weekend I recommend you take a quick trip to Digha as well
  • From Digha, you can voyage to  Talsheri Beach known for its red crabs beaches or play with the waves at Udaipur Beach
  • On the way back you can always visit Mandarmani, which is also the longest motorable beach in India

    talsheri beach
    talsheri beach


places to visit in shankarpur
Google map locations of famous spots around Shankarpur 

Fares and charges

Bus Fare from Esplanade to Shankarpur ₹300 per head for AC bus
Accommodation ₹1500 onwards, you can opt for hotels or even book a resort
Auto/ Toto charge from Shankarpur to Digha ₹200, you can negotiate to get a lower price
Toto charge from Digha to Udaipur Beach / Talsheri Beach ₹100 or you can reserve an auto for ₹400 and the driver will take a round trip from Digha to Udaipur to Talsheri and back


Whether be beaches or scenic Hills, there are a lot of perfect offbeat places around Kolkata to explore. So just pack your bags and plan your ultimate weekend destination around Kolkata.

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